About EMA Engineering


EMA Engineers, Inc.

is a structural engineering consulting firm founded in 1986 by Mr. Mohammad A. Mostajabian.

EMA Engineers, Inc. had a stable and continual record of achievements since 1986. The company has
maintained a strong consistent relationship with returning clients. Quality work, consistent attention to
detail, and client-oriented philosophy has been EMA’s main attributes. On-going communication and
coordination with architects, contractors, and owners during the design stage has contributed to this stable

We are capable of performing complete structural design services for a wide variety of buildings and carry
out threshold inspections. We have performed design and inspection for a wide variety of projects
including multi-story office buildings, condominiums, school, municipal building parking garages,
shopping plaza and similar buildings utilizing various structural systems such as structural steel
(composite and non-composite), two-way flat plate concrete, prestressed precast concrete, post-tensioned
concrete slab, filigree slab, epicore slab, hambor slab, masonry construction, wood and metal
stud construction, deep foundation, post-tensioned mat foundation, reinforced mat foundation and
convention footing.

We are registered in the state of Florida as well as other sates, and can become registered in states
which you request.